Qatar leaks: Hamad offers the protection of the Russian bases in Syria


Qatar leaks: Hamad offers the protection of the Russian bases in Syria

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Source: Breaking News-Ramy Mansour
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2013-01-24 15:28:43


During the course of the war currently waged against Syria, cyberwarfare plays a significant role. One group actively involved in this field of conflict that prefers to call itself the “Syrian Electronic Army”, has successfully hacked several important official websites in Qatar, Saudi Arabia and Turkey, downloading thousands of classified documents.


Breaking News Network obtained these documents via a third party. After the reviewed part of the documents was verified, an agreement was made to publish them simultaneously in the Lebanese “Al-Akhbar” newspaper.


Starting today, Breaking News Network will fully disclose these documents, as received from the source, while leaving the texts that weren’t proofread intact.


Today’s episode features 5 Qatari foreign ministry diplomatic telegrams. Two of which contain proceedings of a meeting between Qatari Prime Minister Hamad Bin Jassim Al-Thani and Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi held in September 2012, in which they addressed the situation in Syria. Hamad spoke of a contact made with the Russians in an attempt to persuade them to abandon President Assad, along with granting assurances by the “Free Army” militia to protect the Russian military naval base on the Syrian coast. 

The protocol text reveals that Qatar only offered Egypt interest loans in exchange for benefits such as Qatari investments in the steel manufacturing sector. The second document contains meeting proceedings held in October 2011 between Qatari Crown Prince and heir apparent Tamim bin Hamad al-Thani and Turkish foreign minister. In the meeting, the latter spoke of the importance of denying President Bashar Al-Assad the chance to remain in office until 2014 because that would enable him to eliminate the opposition.


Qatar offers Russia Free Army protection of naval bases


Urgent and Top Secret

Your Excellency Mr. Youssef Hussein Kamal

Minister of Finance and Economy

Ministry of Finance and Economy – Doha

Following our letter no. M R W S 2012/01/1942 dated 17/9/2012 containing an attachment of the agreement text between the State of Qatar and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

I would like to inform you that His Excellency the Prime Minister has ordered to take action to form and name two teams from the Qatari side. The first team is to be assigned to administer the projects of Eastern al-Tafri’a area while the other will manage the projects of Al-Diar Qatari Investment Company.

Respectfully Yours


Abdullah Bin Eid al-Sleiti 

Assistant Manager – Prime Minister Office


Mr. Youssef Hussein Kamal

Minister of Industry

The Ministry of Industry – Doha


Please find attached the meeting proceedings between the Prime Minister/Foreign Minister and His Excellency the President of the Arab Republic of Egypt Mohamed Morsi on 6/9/2012. Also find attached the agreement text between the state of Qatar and Arab Republic of Egypt. Please take notice and kindly take the necessary action regarding this matter.
Respectfully yours.

Abdullah Bin Eid al-Sleiti 

Assistant Manager – Prime Minister Office

Agreement Text

Acting to consolidate the strong links and friendly relations between the peoples and leaders of both the Arab Republic of Egypt and the State of Qatar, and according to the directive issued by Mr. Mohamed Morsi President of the Arab Republic of Egypt and His Highness Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thani the Emir of Qatar aimed at strengthening and developing the friendly relations between the two nations in all areas, and within the framework of advancing the bilateral mutual interests, and in response to the invitation made by Egyptian Prime Minister Mr. Hisham Qandil to His Excellency Prime Minister and Foreign Minister of Qatar Sheik Hamad Bin Jassim al-Thani to make a state visit to Egypt in order to put the leaderships instructions into action, a round of talks took place today on 6/9/2012 at the Prime  Ministry Headquarters presided over by H.E. Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani and Mr. Hisham Qandil in presence of the attending delegations. And the following was agreed upon:


First: Aid and Loans

The state of Qatar will provide a yearly deposit of $2bn at an interest rate of 1.5% via Qatar National Bank, the first payment of which amounting to $500m has been transferred already, while the three remaining payments of $500m each, are to be made by the Qatari side on the following dates:




Second: Labor

The Qatari side commended on the role played by Egyptian labor force in encouraging economic development in the State of Qatar, approving the expansion and increase of this skilled labor force as to meet the Qatari demand.


Third: Aviation


A state visit is to be made by the Egyptian side to Qatar during this month to ratify the following:

-Allowing of commercial flights between the two countries.

-Qatari investments are to be made in the area of Cairo International Airport grounds as part of the partnership with the Egyptian side.

Additionally, the Qatari side approved of Egyptian acceptance of the following:

-A special hall in Cairo International Airport is to be leased to Qatar Airways.

-Flying permissions over Egyptian skies are to be granted to Private Qatari Emir’s fleet within one hour of making a request.


Fourth: Current Qatari investments in Egypt

-Regarding the Qatari Diar project in Al-Ghardaqa:

The Egyptian side affirmed that all hindrances facing the project were successfully dealt with, and that the company can commence work immediately.

-Regarding the Diar project in Sharm Al-Sheik:

The Egyptian side affirmed that difficulties facing the project with be resolved within two weeks.

-Regarding Barwa Company:

An agreement was reached to make an urgent, interest-free payment for the total value of the land, and to extend the project timeframe to 12 years instead of 8.


Fifth: New Qatari Investments

1-The Egyptian side has approved the Qatari request to establish a steel factory in the Arab Republic of Egypt by Qatar Steel.

2-Establishment of a power plant with a capacity of (500-1000) Megawatts in Eastern Tafri’a area and allocating the energy production of the facility to support Qatari industrial development projects in the same area. Formation of a team comprising of members from both sides to meet within a month and offer a feasibility study of the project during a maximum period of three months.   The study will include:

-Establishment of Qatari industrial zone

-Establishment of Qatari power plant

-Setting up a complete logistics village.


3-Establishing an Egyptian-Arab corporation to start a large-scale tourism project along the coast of the Mediterranean that includes a harbor and a tourism city; and forming a joint team to provide the necessary studies for the project within three months from this date. 


4-Establishing a Qatari-Egyptian private investment firm involved in Africa. The Qatari side is to be represented by Qatari Hasad Company. The CEO of Hasad will make a visit to Egypt during this month to meet with the Egyptian Minister of Agriculture as part of the preparations for this project.


At the end of the meeting, the Egyptian side highly commended Qatari support for Egypt during this critical transitional period. Support that is reflected in providing a two-billion-dollar deposit and agreeing to start several Qatari investment projects in Egypt at an initial cost of 8 billion dollars.



Representing the government of Arab Republic of Egypt

Mr. Hisham Qandil

Prime Minister

Representing the government of Qatar

His Excellency Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani

Prime Minister and Foreign Minister.






Meeting Proceedings

His Excellency Sheik Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani

Prime Minister and Foreign Minister

With President Mohamed Morsi

President of Arab Republic of Egypt

Thursday September 6th 2012

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: I convey to Your Excellency greetings from His Highness the Emir and His Highness the Crown Prince (God Save them) as a follow-up to the phone conversation.


-President Morsi: There is absolutely no need for all this. In his call to me His Highness was an honorable, courteous man.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: His Highness was very upset about the matter and protocol officials were present yet did not invite him and the blame was pinned on me. He said to me we were supposed to pay the [Egyptian] president a visit and would be honored to meet him.


-President Morsi: No, not at all. This message will not be announced, as if nothing of this sort had ever occurred to me.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: His Highness appreciates the role played by you. Today we held talks and agreed with Mr. Hisham Qandil on a few matters, including the previously agreed-upon remaining 1.5 billion dollars and reducing the interest rate to 1.5% and expanding the timeframe. We will also take care of the additional sum and we have a long-standing partnership with you. Every while you will have demands and so do we. Regarding the electricity issue, we have determined that a study will be conducted and an agreement is to be reached within one month from this date.


-Egyptian Prime Minister: We have one month time set to conduct the study and develop the strategy. The gas will be provided by them as well as the industries, on the economic basis of a “Win-Win Situation”


-President Morsi: I am sure they have our best interest in their hearts.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We have also agreed about the steel. We have partnerships with several countries in this sector.


-President Morsi: I have a proposition to restore and activate the iron and steel industrial complex of Halwan which is the largest steel production facility in the Middle East and was built by the Russians using Russian technology.  It consists of four furnaces. The first furnace is old and can be rebuilt and restored. But the fourth is advanced and a port was established in Ad Daqahliyah for exporting coal as well as a railway line linking the port with Halwan, in addition to a line for transporting raw coal which comes from the oases. We have a lot of raw material, which is based upon the end product. But the complex started to record losses because it only produced 2 million tons which is the breakeven point for the project.  It was an industrial powerhouse with 25000 workers, but then Ahmed Ezz Company emerged and started enticing engineers into joining it.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We support you and you can make an announcement about this project right now. We will instruct the team that will come to study the projects to carry out a study regarding it as well.


-Minister of Finance Youssef Kamal: We already have all the studies and they are an equivalent of the same idea in Algeria, which is a partnership with Extra Trade Company, and they can help us with the organizing.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: Your Excellency, I assure you we have orders from His Highness and you know his attitude towards you. We are ready and we have sums of money that were not mentioned in the agreement. We will study the electricity as well as the steel project. An agreement was also reached regarding the previously unresolved issues with Barwa and Diar companies; which is a positive indication. We have also agreed about aviation and the Minister of Aviation was invited to Qatar. We have a problem with the surplus and we do not want it to be deposited anywhere. You are lending out at 14% and, if you agree, we are ready to deposit 10 – 20 billion Egyptian pounds. I hope this will be considered by you and we could make it a renewable yearly contract. We are ready to validate this.


-President Morsi: Why should it be in Egyptian pound? The Chinese always talk about the same concept.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: Because it involves a high interest rate in Egyptian pound and we are ready to make it a one-year renewable contract. We came to agree on a form detailing specified times and dates for each transaction so we could start working, including depositing 1.5 billion dollars according to Your Excellency’s agreement with His Highness and there is a sincere will to commence work. Our confidence grew after Your Excellency delivered your speech in Tehran which gained unanimous approval and yesterday, certain stances began to shift in the Arab League.


-President Morsi: There is no more chance for reforms. [Assad] has got to leave.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We offered him to leave and it was a strong speech indeed.


-President Morsi: Why did the Saudi King surprisingly come up with the Interfaith Dialogue while we were in agreement about the Syrian issue?


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: It was quite surprising for us as well. We had met with them on the previous day and they did not mention this matter.


-President Morsi: We want to take a serious stand.


-H.E. Hamad: I think everything is going to change after the upcoming American and German elections. If Obama gets back to the White House, he does not have to wait until reentering office in January. He can do it automatically and he made a commitment about that.


-President Morsi: If the Iranians participate in the solution for Syria they will make gains and be able to forge closer ties with Turkey and the Gulf states.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: They are already considering other names. In the past we had good relations with them and we have common [oil] fields but unfortunately we disagree on Syria. The Russians have the power to bring an end to the Syrian regime with a single word if they wish but they still insist on holding on to it. I spoke with President Putin on the phone for forty minutes and it was not a good conversation even though I formerly had excellent relations with him. Now they are losing balance and desperately seeking a solution.


-President Morsi: Why do they want him?

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: They have a naval base in Syria and we said we would arrange for a deal between them and the Free Army but they declined.


-President Morsi: They are a part of the problem and he will have to leave.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We have reached an agreement regarding the visas issue and Egyptians will start being granting visas.


-Egyptian Prime Minister: There was also a positive sign regarding the partnership with Sudan.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We will send our delegation for this purpose and we will work on a partnership in Africa which can act to strengthen relations and we are ready. There is also the 120 million dollar project by Diar and things will work out well. We are sincere and we want to tell that to the public.


-President Morsi: There are no conflicting interests. You are our brothers and we are sure you are driven by good intentions.


-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We think it should be done via Egypt because you are in Africa and you possess the manpower and expertise. And please be sure that we will be right behind you.

Assad will be victorious if he remains until 2014


Meeting proceedings


His Highness Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad Al-Thani

 Crown Prince (God Save him)

His Excellency Ahmet Davutoglu

Foreign Minister of the Republic of Turkey

Al-Bahr Palace – Tuesday 25/10/2011

After exchanging greetings

-H.H. Crown Prince: We are pleased to see you. We were intending to provide help for Turkey in dealing with the earthquake repercussions. We have a special rescue team.  How is the situation in Turkey now?

-Guest: I thank Your Highness for providing help, we lost 436 people and about 500 wounded. Many people have been saved so far. More than 1200 rescue teams arrived at the disaster areas on Sunday. More than 30 nations offered aid. At the beginning we decided to rely on our own capabilities to deal with the catastrophic event, because accepting the aid efforts would have created an organizational and logistical problem and that is the reason behind our hesitation to accept air offers. The situation is going well now and we have made requests to all our brothers and friendly nations to provide help. We need tents and prefabricated houses because winter is approaching and the weather is cold.

-H.H. Crown Prince: A contact will be made with His Excellency the Turkish ambassador to coordinate efforts and we are fully ready to provide the emergency aid you require.

-Guest: We need most importantly tents and prefabricated houses. Several earthquakes occurred reaching 7.2 then 6.8 and, thank God, the situation is better now. Emergency helicopters are working at full capacity and the situation is under control. Now we can accept aid. As I mentioned it would have been a burden on us if we accepted aid previously.
-H.H. Crown Prince: Our team is experienced in conducting search and rescue operations.

-Guest: Iran and Azerbaijan offered help but we could not accept it for the aforesaid reasons. But now we are ready to receive aid and Qatar is on our side and the situation is under control.

-H.H. Crown Prince: We would like to help considering our friendly relations. We are brothers and Muslims. We respect your policy and procedures. How is the situation in Syria?
-Guest: Good policies have placed our region in a good situation over the past hundred years, a unilateral development was achieved; but now we are integrated and thus we have to work together in solidarity to ensure prosperity.

Qatar, UAE and several other national are capable of positive thinking because they are healthy states. But when we look around, who can we talk to?  In Iraq there are Talabani, Allawi, Barzani and al-Maliki, and so it is in Syria. Egypt is the largest Arab and Islamic nation but it has its own internal difficulties. I have met with the Secretary General of the Arab League and discussed with him the Arab current affairs.

-H.H. Crown Prince: You will find us everywhere. We headed the Arab league delegation because no one wants that.

There was a dispute between the Kuwaiti and Iraqi delegations at the Islamic Summit conference held in Doha, and Izzat ad-Douri was present; that was the Ba’ath’s problem, they have trouble with the minorities.
In Syria there are troubles between Alawites and Sunnis. We do not blame the minority group for thinking about what will happen to it in the future.

This is a problem that needs to be resolved in the near future.

-Guest: I met with Nabil Elaraby. I think he is here.


-H.H. Crown Prince: The meeting will be held tomorrow.

-Guest: Thank you for your condolences. We want to coordinate with you. We have a public debate in the parliament yet I was instructed to come to Qatar because it is important for us. What will your message tomorrow be?

-H.H. Crown Prince: We will send a message to Bashar. He said he will hold talks with the opposition. I think they need to be strongly informed that if they fail to make progress in this effort, the matter will be taken to the Security Council.

-H.E. Minister of Foreign Affairs: The killing must stop and the army must be withdrawn from cities; Article (8) of the constitution must be amended and elections must be called then talks with the opposition can be held.

-H.H. Crown Prince: He is not taking the matter seriously; he wants to destroy the region. Iran has changed its tone. I have talked to Burhan Ghalioun and he appreciates the role played by Turkey. I have told him we have good relations with Turkey and we support Turkey’s decision.

We will keep you informed about the happenings.


-Guest: Coordination among us is crucial. Bashar is mainly relying on two points and he has plenty of difficulties. He believes Russia and China are right behind him and he thinks that he can play the Russian-Chinese card with the West. We helped him come out of his isolation in 2006 when he was isolated by the West. We offered him an initiative comprised of 14 points and we discussed everything with him. We know him very well and know the regime. I was with our ambassador in Damascus and Bouthaina Shaaban was also present. He agreed to withdraw the army from Hims, Hamah, Dar’a and the other cities, pass the media regulations, allow foreign correspondents to come into Syria, amend Article (8) of the constitution and hold parliamentary elections and talks with the opposition.

Then two days later mosques were attacked, the city of Latakia was invaded and people were killed; violence escalated.

Our plan was to support him if he acted according to the initiative. Our ambassador observed the situation as the army was withdrawn from Hamah, but then the city was attacked again and the ambassador informed us in a secret massage that they are destroying Hamah. He was deceiving us.

When Latakia was attacked I phoned Walid Muallem and asked him; how can you destroy mosques? We will not allow that.  I said the president has to deliver his speech as agreed, but Muallem asked us to await. I told him that our credibility is now at stake. Muallem phoned me and said President Assad will deliver the speech after a week. I said no and clarified our stance on the issue. No further contact was made with them since August 14th.


The situation in Libya was different. The Arab League had accepted Western intervention.  In Turkey we do not want a Western-led NATO intervention, despite the fact that we are members of NATO. Foreign intervention in Syria will cause trouble with Lebanon, Iran and Hamas.


We can take a unilateral action against him, we support the opposition and he is concerned about that.  In 2006 we participated in a joint military parade and took action to provide him with economic support, but now he has to be isolated economically and he is insolvent. We spoke to the Iranians and they asked us for a time limit of several months. We asked them to make an endeavor if possible, Salihi is a good man.


-H.H. Crown Prince: We must try to utilize that.

-Guest: We want to send a message to the Russians and Chinese, and Arabs must talk to both states and ensure them that we do not want a new Libyan scenario and we have to persuade Russia and China to withdraw their support for Bashar. He should not be granted any other chance. Maybe he will try to introduce a superficial cosmetic change, but he will be able to eliminate the opposition. Therefore he must be denied the opportunity to remain in office until 2014 so he does not succeed in eliminating all opposition.


-H.H. Crown Prince: He should bring an end to the violence as soon as possible. You have done everything in your power, but there must be Arab support for your efforts. That is the message he should receive.


-Guest: Yes indeed that is the right message and he should be given time, and we should take action now. Where does Algeria stand on this issue, are they standing against the revolution?


-H.H. Crown Prince: Their stance will shift and they will start supporting the revolution.

-Guest: We are a member of NATO and we do not want a military intervention. As Muslims, Arabs and Turks, we do not wish for Western intervention in Syria. What is the resolution in case the Syrian president did not respond to the Arab initiative?

-H.H. Crown Prince: I cannot tell now.

-Guest: It is easy to win the war on the ground but the reconstruction stage will be difficult, as well as the overall situation in Syria.

-H.H. Crown Prince: Turkish Deputy Defense Minister is here.

-Guest: I will make a visit to Jordan tomorrow and meet with the Monarch. Is Khaled Mashal in Damascus? Can he come to Doha? There is no need for him to come if it is deemed a sensitive issue.  There is a matter that I wanted to talk to Your Highness about. Our stance is being criticized by Aljazeera and it is not good.

-H.H. Crown Prince: Our good relations with you go beyond what Aljazeera broadcasts. You can talk to Hamad bin Jassim about this matter and we will talk to him as well.

-Guest: Thank you, Your Highness.

-H.H. Crown Prince: You are welcome. I wish you a pleasant stay in Doha.



Meeting Proceedings
His Excellency Sheik Hamad bin Jassim bin Jabr al-Thani
Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs
His Excellency Mr. Ahmet Davutoglu
Foreign Minister of the Republic of Turkey

Doha – Sunday March 13th 2011

After exchanging greetings

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: Your Excellency’s meeting with His Highness the Emir was fruitful.

-Guest: The situation in the region is developing quickly.  It is important that we coordinate with each other.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We must try to urge the Security Council into doing something.

Guest: Gaddafi must leave, and he will. We are worried that he seems to be winning the battle now.We tried to push him into leaving Libya but he is recruiting mercenaries from Egypt and Sudan to fight for him. The Western states have taken different stances on this issue.  France has its own opinion, so do the rest of Europe and the U.S.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: American Secretary of State called me three times and might be calling today as well. We asked the Arab League to approve a resolution to enforce a no-fly zone on Libya. Syria is objecting and Yemen is hesitant.

-Guest: Why is Syria objecting?

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We do not know.

-Guest: I was surprised when the Syrians said they did not receive a message from you regarding Lebanon.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: That is not true. We sent three copies.

-Guest: I said to the Syrians, why are you asking us to go to Lebanon when you have made the decision already.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: I think they will be losing if they keep on lying to their friends.  
What is happening in Libya is unacceptable and pressure must be put on the Security Council to enforce a no-fly zone.

-Guest: We are not a member of the UN Security Council but a member of NATO and we can do something. It was said that the resolution has to be passed by the Security Council and Arab states. If NATO attacks Libya Gaddafi will claim he is defending the Arabs.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: There are certain Arabstates that can play a role and Turkey has to play a role.

-Guest: We are saying that Gaddafi must leave. Prime Minister Erdogan spoke to Saif al-Islam Gaddafi but the UN Security Council resolution regarding the International Tribunal has closed the door on an exit for Gaddafi. So now he can either regain control over Libya or die a hero’s death.
-H.E. Sheik Hamad: Even if he regains control over Libya, he is finished.In my opinion it is important to push for a no-fly zone resolution over Libya. He is making gains in his war at the moment, but he is finished because he killed his own population and spoke offensive words about the Arabs.

-Guest: The most important issue at hand right now is how to protect the Libyan people.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: By enforcing a no-fly zone and attacking radars.

-Guest: Regarding NATO, it was Germany who blocked the resolution for a no-fly zone.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: You should not oppose the resolution. It is not required to send troops.

-Guest: We are now safeguarding Portuguese interests. Do you have contacts with the tribal communities?

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We do have contacts with some of them.

-Guest: Gaddafi might be able to seize control of Benghazi and this might influence the situation in Tunisia, Egypt and Yemen and enable him to reinstate the previous rulers. We are trying to find an exit for him but I think it is late now.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: Abdullah Sinousi called me and was making threats but I am not concerned. We will remain consistent with our policy.  I have said to Saud Al Faisal and Abdullah bin Zayed that we need to be clear. And I am pleased that Saud Al Faisal was clear and sincere in his speech indeed.

-Guest: I have spoken to His Highness the Crown Prince today about the economic situation and Tunisia and Egypt. We have to give them support.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We can make an announcement about our will to invest in Egypt. But the situation in Tunisia remains unclear until now.

-Guest: We had Turkish firms operating in Egypt but these firms left the country after the revolution took place. It is important that we make investments in the textile industry and tourism because it can result in creating many job opportunities.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We have an industrial zone in Port Said and we can do that.

-Guest: A Qatari-Turkish joint committee can be formed to work in this field.

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: Please make this proposal and we will study it. I am considering making a state visit to Turkey but this time to Istanbul instead of Ankara. I am still waiting for a reply on the Qatari Airways matter.

-Guest: The minister of transportation has resigned and elections will be held in June 12th 2011.
Our treaty for military cooperation has not been activated yet. What was done regarding this matter?

-H.E. Sheik Hamad: We will look into the matter.

Prepared by Ambassador Zayed bin Rashed al-Nou’aimi
Head of the Department for Asian and African Affairs

The proceeding meeting between the minister highness with the Turkish Foreign minister

The proceeding of the crown prince highness with the Turkish Foreign minister 15 October 2011

Meeting proceeding

The book of the Egyptian Finance Minister 1

The book of the Egyptian Finance Minister 2

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