Free Army militia blasts and burns in Homs and Syrian army kills about 200 of them.

Free Army militia blasts and burns in Homs and Syrian army kills about 200 of them.

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Source: Breaking News - Exclusive
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2013-02-28 13:53:25


Free Army militia has exploded a car bomb in in a neighborhood and has burned the  archaeological market in the middle of Homs city, while Units of Syrian Army continue its operation against the insurgents in several areas of Syria.

 The correspondent of Breaking News Network in Homs points out that “a booby trapped car, driven by a suicide has exploded near Ghaliah Farhat school of Ekrama al-Jadidah neighborhood".

 The reporter says that “the blasts results in many human causalities and heavy material damages in the area".

Members of Free Army militia continue their criminal acts by burning the ancient market in Homs, which is considered as an architected monument in the city.

fighters of the armed militia have also burned in the same way al-Masqof market in Aleppo city, in addition to several  acts against the Syrian ruins.

Syrian Army operations kills about 200 armed men of Free Army gangs.

Units of Syrian Arab Army have carried series of the military operation of Homs countryside and areas of Edlib province.

Huge operations triggered by Syrian Army forces against the locations of Free Army militias in al-Zafarani town of Homs countryside, in addition to targeting the spot of the armed men’s leader, what resulted in the death of about 70 gunmen, including the leaders Alaa Alawi , Mohammad al-Satof and Abdullah al-Khalid.

Syrian Arab Army has carried out series of operations in several areas of Edlib.

Correspondent of Breaking News Network indicates that "the unit of the special mission of the Syrian Army has enabled of raiding on the dens of the insurgents on the road of Edlib-Banish. The operation results in the death of at least 70 armed men and the scape of dozens of them".   

The correspondent reports that “Syrian Army has confronted the armed attacks on the strategic positions of Wadi al-def and al-Hamidia, as it has ambushed the armed men in Ain Qree spot claiming the death of 24 insurgents, including the Suadi Yazid Zafer al-Shagri".  

More operations launched by the Syrian Arab Army occur on the locations of the armed rebels in Saraqeb, Kfar Rohen, Ma’art Mesreen, Kferaya, Ain al-Beda, al-Zanbaq towns of Jeser al-Shughour of Edlib province claiming the death of 140 gunmen. 

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