Four large blasts rock Damascus countryside, martyrs’ names revealed

Four large blasts rock Damascus countryside, martyrs’ names revealed

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Source: Breaking News - Exclusive
Category: Politics - Syria
2012-11-28 14:58:00


Our correspondent stated that 4 large explosions occurred in Jaramana city of Damascus countryside.

The first car bomb blasted in the President Square, the second car bomb detonated across the street, near Obeid gas station and the last two explosive devices occurred in al-Qreiyat neighborhood of Jaramana, near al-Sanabel restaurant.

The four blasts caused more than 40 martyrs and 100 wounds, where the interior ministry said the toll of the explosions is 34 martyrs and more than 84  injuries, as large material damages have been recorded.

The Network of Breaking News received 24 names of the martyrs, where 15 unidentified bodies were found.

The 24 martyrs are: Hamza Obeid Dabbous, Walid Saqer, Ahmad al-Hani, Samer Talayee, Ghassan Abu Shash, Fadi Polo, Mu’ammar al-Melhem,  Hussam Qazan, Karim Jabbour, Khaldoun Rezaq, Amir Dayyab, Mahran Najib, Muhammad Ali Oneidi, Asem Naser, Osama al-Halabi, Anan Salim Rezeq, Ma’rouf Wehbeh, Hussam Abu Reslan, Omar Fawakhiri, Aref Farrouj, Muhammad Abed al-Salam and Muhammad Kebbeh

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